A. Rolls grinding procedures are as follows:

  • Machining the surface of the working and back-up rolls
  • Grit blasting of rollers
  • Abrasion and roughening of the roll surface using the EDT
  • Roll chromium plating
  • Roll chokes assembling and dismantling
  • Repairing roll chokes
  • Roll choke revision services

B. Laboratory services are as follows:

  • Calibration
  • Performing pressure tests, granulation tests, carbon content determination, Feo Content determination, and tests on oxidized pellets
  • Performing tests on sponge iron in order to find out the level of metal, carbon, … content
  • Performing steel making laboratory tests

C.Workshop and repair services are as follows:

  • Performing repairs on the equipment
  • Fabrication and repair of mechanical and electrical equipment

D. Occupational health, safety and environmental services

  • Delivering consultation services with respect to the deployment and training in management standards of safety, health and environment