The outcome of participation in the design and engineering projects in steel industries of the country is the cumulative experience and knowledge in designing related to steel making processes in Iran. After performing feasibility studies related to the stages of design, including conceptual design, basic design, and detailed design as follows:

  • Conceptual design, as a project phase, is the creation of engineering ideas on the basis of optimal solutions for responding to the needs of the customers, and on the basis of receiving the essential viewpoints of the project stakeholders, and assessment of advantages and disadvantages of each for the purpose of choosing the best solution and technical knowledge in carrying out the design. Conceptual design seeks to minimize design errors, managing costs and assessing risks for achieving an outlook of the degree of design success at the basic and detailed design stages. Given the fact that designs made in the mining and steel industries projects are of a highly complicated nature, performing conceptual design prior to making any changes in the existing projects is essential.
  • Basic/ preliminarydesign is applied to studies and designs that start from the creation of an engineering project through to its fulfillment. After the completion of the conceptual design stage, it is necessary to present an overall picture of the structures and a schema of the project for its assessment and execution. In this stage, the following items are provided: a project technical specification, design standards and criteria, diagrams, P&ID, PFD, and layouts of the project, including the overall view of the project, access routes, an initial list of raw materials and main equipment of the project, so on (preparing an preliminary list of the main materials and equipment of the project which is an introduction for detailed engineering).

Nevertheless, sometimes, depending on the project, there is no sharp borderline between basic and detailed design, and the designer enters the stage of detailed design when working on the basic design.