Increasing complexity of industrial plants, the need for facility, increased precision, reduced errors, and the resulting lower costs, has led to 3-d simulated electronic modeling of the objects. In order to better visualize these plants, it is necessary to make electronic 3d models after technical drafting of the 3d objects. 3d modeling lead to better understanding of the object or the project, elevate the quality of communication with the client, and will increase the power of analysis and decision making of the client.

Modeling stages during the preparation of as-built drawings are as follows:

  • Reviewing the status of the existing equipment and drawings,
  • Preparation of detailed 3d drawings
  • Preparation of assembly and overall drawings
  • Final checking of the model or the status quo

Modeling stages in the process of delivering designing services are as follows:

  • Determination of the basic parameters of the project
  • Performing calculations of the project
  • Adapting the design calculations with the standards
  • Preparing detailed 3d drawings using the relevant software
  • Assembling the detailed 3d drawings and preparation of the overall drawing of the model
  • Preparation of the 2d executive drawings of the model